Hello, my name is Theresa Cay and I am a


with a background in molecular and cellular biology

Live Boldly

Armed with curiosity and creativity, I always immerse myself in new technologies and challenging environments

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology. Upon graduation, I attended the TEDMED conference under the Front Line Scholarship and was one of 20 to participate in an event at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

There, I fell in love with the endless possibilities of technology.

I recently attended the Software Engineering Fellowship at Hackbright Academy, where I developed the skills and became proficient in modern web development and computer science fundamentals. I further cultivated this knowledge by individually building a web application from ground up in four weeks.

I aspire to apply my technical, analytical, and leadership skills as a full-stack software engineer in order to similarly advance the forefront of technology.

Crafting Code

There's no such thing as thinking too big with passion and perseverance

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Designed for new and old rockhounds alike, Mineralchemy expedites the process of collecting minerals. This app aggregates listings from Etsy, eBay, and MinFind based on the user’s search specifications of keywords and price range. Users can save a listing by adding it to their favorites, which can be viewed in their account page for future use. Furthermore, Mineralchemy doubles as an educational tool by constructing a full visualization of the classification of minerals. With this, users can discover new minerals and those they may potentially be interested in.


Hackbright Individual Project

The Art of Leadership

Join me in making an impact in technology, science, and culture

From working as an undergraduate researcher in a microbiology laboratory to spearheading the TEDxUIUC conference, I have led alongside of 59 individuals and managed 228 persons, affecting over 700 people on a local, national, and international levels.


Director of Production

UIUC Dept of Microbiology

Undergraduate Researcher

American Medical Student Association

Recruitment Director

Be the Match on Campus


Philippine Student Association

Performance Director

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Shoot me an email at cay.theresa@gmail.com!